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      Judy Petacque  
  Mandalas & Altars : Reflections  

“One of the Most admired symbols of the Buddhist religion and art is the mandala, a word which, like guru and yoga, has become part of the English language. The word mandala is a synonym for sacred space and is broadly defined as geometric design to symbolize the universe”. The Altar also had a history rich with symbolism and interpretation.


I discovered and became fascinated with these forms both in the world of nature and also during visits to Bhutan, India, China, Tibet, and tribal communities in different parts of the world. I incorporate my own information, inspirations and spiritual energy in to these formats.


I paint elements of nature, such as flowers, butterflies, birds, sea creatures, and imaginary forms on the canvas and “weave” these images together with sensuous hand-made papers creating layers upon layers of real and imaginary appreciation, knowledge, love, joy, empathy, spirituality, passion, pain and hope.


The process of making this art is very challenging, centering, peaceful, and energizing. My desire is that this positive energy will be a gift to the viewers of my work.

Apr 1st - May 28th, 2016